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Health Hazards of a Flood: When Drains Don’t Do Their Jobs

We may live in Southern California, but as fall begins, the rainy season will come with it. If you live in Southern California you know that even the smallest bit of rain can cause some pretty nasty floods. A blocked drain is a huge issue for homeowners. Not only can a blocked drain in your… Read more »

How To Be Prepared For A Power Outage

One minute you’re watching a scary movie to get in the Halloween mood with your family—the next minute, BOOM, the lights cut out! Blackouts are relatively rare in most areas of the country, but in areas where there are an abundance of people, like Southern California, they are much more common. When they do occur,… Read more »

The Evolution of Solar Power

Solar power has never been more achievable for home energy than it is today, especially in California thanks to recent efforts to encourage installation of solar power in new homes in the state.  In fact, these efforts have boosted solar power penetration rates from less than one percent to almost 20 percent this past year!… Read more »

Four Tips for Reducing Heating Costs

Football, apple cider, pumpkin patches—fall 2016 is upon us! Although we’ve recently experienced a heat wave in Southern California, we all know what’s coming; early autumn is the time of year that has us bouncing back and fourth between AC and heat every week. Either way, now that we are headed towards cooler evenings, we… Read more »

Pilot Lights 101

Fall and Winter are fast approaching. It will soon be time to turn those furnaces on at night to keep your family nice and warm! If you haven’t already gotten your local heating contractor to inspect your homes HVAC system, you’ll want to at least check your furnace to make sure it’s in good shape… Read more »

Different Heating Options For Your Home

Although Southern California is known for it’s moderate and year-long beautiful weather, that doesn’t mean we don’t have chilly fall and winter nights when that sun goes down earlier and earlier! Keeping your family comfortable and warm during the fall and winter is just as important as keeping them cool during the hot summers. When… Read more »

Why you should get your ducts checked before it gets too cold

Depending on the type of heating system you’ve got in your home, a dirty air duct can become a health hazard for you and your family if not properly addressed. Especially if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, the air borne allergens and dust blown around by the ducts can cause… Read more »

Why Dirty Air Ducts Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Dirty air ducts used in forced heating systems tend to build up dust and debris during the months they aren’t in use. It only makes sense that with months of beautiful weather and no need to turn on your furnace, dust, allergens, and debris will start to accumulate in your vents and duct work. So… Read more »

5 Most Common Plumbing FAQs

At United Plumbing, our experienced plumbers have been working for years serving San Diego and the rest of Southern California. They have seen some plumbing emergencies you couldn’t possibly imagine, and they’ve seen some things that most homes experience at some point or another. From leaky faucets, to clogged toilets and clogged drains, to running… Read more »