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Under Cupboard Lighting Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you’ve been thinking about spicing up your home’s décor, switching up your indoor lighting can be a cost effective and subtle way to do so. Under-cupboard lighting is a functional yet decorative touch for any home or commercial space. As with many other fixtures in your home, your interior lighting projects and choices are… Read more »

Surge Protection 101

If you’ve got a computer or HDTV in your home, chances are, you’ve got them plugged into surge protectors. After all, how else could we operate all of our electronics at the same time? We obviously use surge protectors in our home to allow us to use many electronic appliances at one time, but the… Read more »

A Crash Course in Space Heaters

For me and my United Heating and Air team, the surest sign of the change of seasons isn’t the pile of pumpkins at Vons or the Halloween decorations hanging from my neighbors trees. It’s the increase in questions and concerns about our customers’ home heating systems day in and day out. One common question, especially… Read more »

Antonio Villaraigosa Signed New Solar Energy Program

The Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa officially signed a new law yesterday, which will reimburse homeowners and major companies that install and utilize solar energy panels. The has promoted the city of Los Angeles yet again as a top lead in solar energy programs. Having solar energy at home is not only innovative and… Read more »

The Reason Behind California Water Using So Much Power

Growing up and watching so many movies, we have learned a basic household safety that water and power don’t mix and that it is the most dangerous thing to do. But in California there is a small twist, it is actually impossible to keep the two apart. Did you know that every time you turn… Read more »

Los Angeles Utility More Energy Efficient Than Ever

In a vast and dynamically growing consumer world, its not just the regular home owner who is looking to increase the energy efficiency of his home but larger utility companies as well. One of the recent big examples of the move to more energy efficient sevices is the North American Veolia Energy and its energy… Read more »

Get More than $8000 Rebate for your Los Angeles Home

  Los Angeles home owners creating green home environment can get up to $4000 back from utility and $4000 back from the city or county. In The past years more than 10,0000 hime in California have the GreenPoint label for qualifying for a green home. The Energy Upgrade California in LA County has annouced that… Read more »

San Bernardino Water Conference 2012 To Be Held August 10

The yearly San Bernardino Conference is approaching and the official date for this year has been decided to be August 10 2012.  The Water conference will be hosted by Supervisor Chair Josie Gonzalez, Supervisor Vice Chair Brad Mitzelfelt, Building Industry Association Baldy View, Congressmen David Dreier, Congressmen Gary  Miller, Congressmen Joe Baca, Senator Bob Dutton… Read more »

Water Preservation in Los Angeles California

Everyone knows that Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have always been struggling by preserving water. Due to the California weather, especially in Southern California, it is a tough task to be able to preserve water, when there is not rain. Nonetheless, after the adopted water conservation rules, which are specifically targeting the population around… Read more »