11 Aug 2014

Los Angeles electrician: Wires running in walls anywhere from floor level to seven feet above the floor (U.S.) or five feet above the floor (Canada) must be protected from nails driven through walls.  the side of the nail-stop that will be in contact with the stud surface when it it tapped into place, providing 5 3/8″ […]

08 Aug 2014

Los Angeles HVAC Technician found this new technology after many calls from property management companies looking for a solution for their older buildings.  The $300 Aros is about as pretty an air conditioner as you’ll find — it’s all white, festooned with touch controls instead of analog buttons, and looks like something Bang and Olufsen […]

07 Aug 2014

Tracking down sewer gas odor problems, we’ve found these common sources of sewer gas odors: Air conditioning and heating systems using air ducts and blower fans can pick up odors from one source and move them to another destination. In some cases local negative air pressure may also overcome normal drain pipe venting, especially if plumbing […]