22 Oct 2012

There are two primary benefits of using solar panels in schools or any other educational institution. First, it will save money and secondly, it will motivate students and educate them about the alternatives sources of energy. Pupils will realize that it is not something that is taught to them using their text books. It’s actually possible to make life easy and keep our environment clean.

To install it the school terrace will be used up or installing the system.

Cost Effectiveness

Institutions that will be installing it will save immensely in terms of utility bills. This saved amount can be used in developing the infrastructure of the schools as well as for the development of the students.

Fights Adverse Weather Conditions

Modern solar panels are technologically more advanced and can brave all adverse climatic conditions such as snow and hail. There are some advanced ones that will function even in a cloudy weather or even when the sunlight is not reaching direct. There are moving parts in such equipment. So, maintenance expenses are pretty insignificant. Quality and reliable equipment can last as long as 40 years!

Educating the Community

Who else can educate the community better than schools? Yes, with the installation of solar panels, others who are not aware of the benefits can be educated by teachers as well as students. People will know that it is a source of energy that will not pollute the environment. It’s absolute safe and clean.

More Natural Light in Classrooms

With the use of solar energy, more natural light can be allowed to enter the classrooms. Why switch on artificial lights and increase power bills! Studies have proved that schools using more of natural light perform better in respect of student’s attendance and classroom related tasks.

However, direct light should not reflect on blackboards or PC screens.