15 Nov 2012

Solar cooking is advantageous for families in many ways. First of all, it is an eco-friendly way of preparing meals. This is not possible if you are using conventional methods such as liquefied petroleum gas, which is expensive as well as non-environment friendly. Conventional methods result in the creation of harmful gases that are detrimental for planet earth.  Then, using solar cookers is also beneficial as it saves fuel costs.

A family that is not economically privileged will find it very useful. That’s because, there is no necessity to expend money on gas, coal, electricity to cook home meals. This is a problem in most of the developing nations where people cannot afford escalating fuel prices.

Next, these families are doing a great service by saving our earth from harmful pollutants. When fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil is burnt, harmful carbon dioxide is released into the environment.

This is one reason even affluent households are considering this alternative source of energy. Solar cookers are also not that expensive. They are much cheaper than the recurring expenses that are associated with refilling gas cylinders. So, why shouldn’t families opt for it when there are so many benefits?

With solar cookers, less time and effort is needed to prepare and cleaning meals after food is cooked. The food that is cooked is also nutritious and delicious than other methods of cooking. Do you know why? Well, the temperature increases consistently and gradually.

When you are using a crock pot, the carbohydrates are released slowly. This gives it some time to break the elements into simplified sugars.  This entire process helps in the release of soft, normal flavors. The taste is not artificial. The meals are not only good to your taste buds but also very healthy. Food also remains fresh and nutritious.