26 Feb 2014

Stopped or clogged sewer lines can make life extremely difficult in your home.  There’s many reasons for main line stoppage, like root growth from that wonderful tree in your yard.Your local Los Angeles plumbing experts at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric say’s it can be abated with rodding.  But it cannot be stopped unless the tree is removed or the line is moved and installed. Let’s explore other reasons main line stoppages occur.

  • Grease blockage will occur over time, it happens when waste and sanitary lines a packed with grease.  What this means is that it needs to be rodded out. Grease stoppages can be prevented by the installation of a grease receptor, periodic rodding or water jet rodding, use of preventative maintenance chemicals specifically designed for grease, and a reduction of grease and oil products placed in drains.
  • Many people do not realize that sanitary sewer lines are designed to accept toilet paper and human waste ONLY. If you flush anything else down the drain line, regardless as to what the manufacturer of those products states, you are asking for trouble. Do not flush the following items down your sewer line: feminine sanitary products; dental floss; Q-Tips; prophylactics; Handy-Wipes; Baby Wipes; diapers; dead goldfish (or other small deceased pets); paper towels; facial tissue.
  • Mud and dirt can enter your sewer lines from your driveway area drains and yard waste can enter drain lines from dirty gutter lines. Because mud is a granule matter and leaves are a non-organic matter that won’t break down into a liquid form like sewerage, it tends to accumulate and create a stoppage. The only way to prevent these types of stoppages is to keep driveway drains and gutters clean, and perform preventative rodding maintenance on those lines.
  • When Los Angeles storm drains and sanitary lines are full or “charged,” the drain lines that run from the home cannot drain. Additionally, the full city drain lines carry much more debris than the individual house sewers. Sometimes when a Los Angeles sewer fills to the point where it starts to back up, water and debris flow up the sewer line toward your home. Once the city sewer empties, that debris is left behind which can cause a line stoppage. Depending upon how much water is backing up into a city sewer main, that sewer main can become full to the point where it backs up into and floods a home. There is nothing that can prevent the flooding once it starts. Once the city sewer drains, the water left in the basement will usually drain away. There are a few ways to prevent a full city sewer from flooding a home, they include the installation of a standpipes or a backwater valve.  A local Los Angeles plumber at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric can install one for you.

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