14 Aug 2012

Los angeles ca air conditioning As professional Los Angeles electricians and air conditioning specialist we highly recommend the XC17 air conditioner because it is the most efficient single stage air conditioner that can best suit your home. The conditioner has an efficiency rating of about 18 SEER and is more efficient when making use of it for a long time because it does not use a lot of energy. It is designed in such a manner that its cooling capabilities can be more than when you use a fridge set at maximum while at the same time it saves you a lot of energy.

It is designed in a way that gets you going even in times when the electricity is out because it has a solar back up system that ensures that. It comes with a wide range of specifications that make it usable in any size of home depending on what you desire. Electricians that install this state that the Installation of this air conditioner is free and it comes with a 10 year warranty for its compressor.

The conditioner has a PermaGuard cabinet that has a strong hinge with it that protects it from corrosion and rusting. With its smart hinge design, it allows quick access to its interior components for cleaning and maintenance each time you want to do that. It also protects the coil that is in from any form of damage and gives a clean appearance. Purchasing this conditioner means that you are registering with us to conserve the environment.

Compared to other forms of air conditioners, statistics indicate that this conditioner can be able to save you up to about $300 each year in energy costs if it is properly used. In addition to saving energy, the conditioner adds to many efforts aimed at environmental conservation on the globe. In case you need answers to any questions in regards to this air conditioner, feel free reach us at Los Angeles Electrician and we shall be able to get back to you as soon as possible.