22 Oct 2012

Are you about to repair the low water pressure problem in your bathroom or kitchen sink? Before doing that, it is more essential to know why the pressure is low. Is it only the sink or the entire plumbing system in your house is faulty?  Let’s read to find out more about it.

Seepage of Water

Any form of seepage in the sink pipe, be it small or big will result in low pressure. Therefore, always check if water is dripping. Sometimes, a leakage might not be visible but still water pressure is pretty low. At such times, the cause of the problems remains shrouded in mystery. The best way to deal with the situation is to take the help of a plumber. Or you can turn off all water sources and check the water meter reading. Keep checking. Even after an hour or two, if you find the reading has changed, then there is bound to be a leakage.

When All Fixtures are Turned On

It is the most evident reason. When dual fixtures connected to similar plumbing system are turned on simultaneously, pressure is bound to take a backseat. Let’s take an example. If the basin tap and the shower are on at the same time and related to similar supply, there will be a drop of pressure in both.

Faulty Plumbing Mechanism

Another cause is the faulty plumbing system in your house. The pipes that are installed might be too narrow to enable smooth flow of water. In such a case, you need help of a repair man and get such pipes replaced with new ones that are broader in diameter.


Blockage of pipes is another cause of poor flow of water. If external materials get into pipes, the flow is sure to be disrupted. It is also important to have the overhead tank covered. Else, unwanted materials will first get inside the tank and then into the pipeline.

If there is water pressure issue, check whether it is owing to the above discussed reasons.