18 Sep 2012

bright colors bathroom los angelesShould your bathroom be setup in bright colors? At this point everyone responds in their own way, according to their taste. Some like the juicy colors, others prefer quiet pastel shades, and some allow more saturated colors, but only in the form of small area exceptions.

Among professionals, there is no consensus on this issue. Many designers and decorators say the bright colors and dark surfaces absorb light in the bathroom. Others recommend the use of rich colors and combinations. They believe that these techniques help to visually “expand” space.

As always, the truth lies somewhere in between the two decisions. Too bright and colorful decor may seem tasty and very light – pale and expressionless. Let “analyze” the information and think about how it can affect the overall atmosphere of the bright walls, floors, plumbing, furniture and accessories.

Bright walls look good in combination with white or very light furniture and equipment. Extravagant sink, cabinets and bathtub will look very impressive in your bathroom creation.

Bathroom and the furniture in it, especially with bright walls, look best on a neutral background. Accessories in the bathroom also play a big role when creating the overall impression of the bathroom. They give the interior spicy notes and highlight the necessary accents. The basic rule in choosing them is that they are kept in one style.

Same interior executed in different color alternatives can cause different impressions on people. It’s no secret that colors in the environment, such as the interior of the bathroom is able to influence the emotions of that person and his mood. Thus, the correct choice of color for the interior is a very important task for the person designing it.

In addition, consider including bathroom mat made of natural moss. Imagine how touching the natural moss makes a gentle massage on your feet, which in effect stimulates blood circulation.