03 Mar 2014

A loose neutral is when arching occurs because the loose wire doesn’t make consistent contact with its connection. Sometimes the connection is made and sometimes it isn’t. Abnormal arching around the point of connection starts, resulting in the neutral wire becoming extremely hot, burning the insulation off, causing damage to the surroundings, starting a fire. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned systems contact a licensed electrician in Manhattan Beach immediately.

A variety of factors can cause this danger, such as an outside supply wire swaying in the breeze (if the wire or its connections are damaged), or it can happen inside due to changes in temperature, electrical load, or mechanical disturbance. A complete circuit diagnosis should be performed in this case to find the loose hot or neutral conductor causing the issue.

A resistive neutral is closely related to a loose neutral. A resistive neutral occurs when the neutral is connected, but it’s not a very good connection. Good connections have extremely low electrical resistance, but a resistive neutral condition has an intermediate resistance — its resistance is low enough to conduct some electricity, but too high to conduct as well as it’s supposed to. This poor connection has several damaging and dangerous effects.

For example: An indicator that you might have a loose neutral is if lights run get unusually brighter while other appliances are running or flickering lights.

Another very dangerous effect of a loose or resistive neutral is that it can lead to electrical shocks and even electrocution. The ways this can happen are extremely unpredictable and depend on exactly how your house is wired and the exact condition of the wiring.

For example: if one resident of a certain house was in the shower when another resident used the garbage disposal, the first resident would feel a mild electrical tingle. No one else in the house could feel it. This turned out to be due to neutral wire at the electrical pole that was nearly broken. Only three strands of wire were still connected. Had the remaining strands been allowed to deteriorate further, someone would have been electrocuted. This is just one example of why it’s important to call a qualified electrical repair technician for problems with neutral connections.

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