18 Aug 2012

water bar Los angeles

Hardly anyone would ever deny the fact that the kitchen is a special place.

The kitchen is a place, which concentrates family life and hospitality; this is where food is prepared and the place where you can find the latest designs and technologies. The kitchen performs so many functions in modern life, but before all, it is the room in which all the food and drinks are prepared, for which the water is the most important component.

With water systems GROHE, GROHE Blue ® Chilled & Sparkling – for three different types of excellent taste and chilled water ; GROHE Red ® – instant access to hot water at any time, where the  sink acquires a new appearance and becomes a convenient “water bar “, furnished with products and attractive designs.

Technology GROHE Blue ® is an environmentally friendly one. For those who keep a green lifestyle GROHE Blue ® offers the most reasonable luxury – for maximum comfort and responsible attitude towards environment. To produce one liter of bottled water are needed about 7 liters of water. Mineral water is almost never sold and consumed at the source.

It is collected in plastic bottles and often travels long distances before finally coming to retail distributors; Compared to the GROHE Blue ® that comes straight to the table from the tap.

The last word in technology was used for GROHE Blue ®, which makes it extremely easy to work. The compact device for cooling and carbonation, filter and bottle of carbon dioxide must be installed by a technician, such as our specialist from United Electric, under the sink, then the ordinary faucet is replaced by the special mixer GROHE Blue ®.

The combination of GROHE Blue ® and GROHE Red ® means more efficiency, comfort and taste.

However, in the kitchen boiling water is required at least as often as cold – not only for preparation of hot beverages, but also for cooking eggs, blanching vegetables, sterilize baby bottles or clean greasy pans and etc. However, for each of these tasks one should boil water, which takes time and effort. The Solution: GROHE Red ® system provides hot water instantly. Depending on the size of the boiler, the system can provide up to 100 oz. to 200 oz. of boiling water, without wasting precious energy – for a modern, pleasant way of cooking with little time wasted.

For GROHE Red ® safety comes first. GROHE CoolTouch ® technology provides much better insulation of the spout that touch is completely safe, effective protection against burns and scalding, especially for small children who always want to touch everything in sight. The child-handle must be pulled out and rotated, thereby protecting your children or guests from accidental starting of boiling water, which can be burned. When you release the handle, it immediately returns to its original position by spring action, the water stops immediately.