06 Sep 2012

Sustainable development, energy for all and economic growth are some of the key issues that the United Nations has been calling for in the recent past. The government of United States has been able to show support for this by ensuring an expansion into renewable energy use in the United States.

The central challenge that is facing the country at the moment is how to ensure that access to clean energy has been made a reality to all because of the benefits that accompany this. The government has been providing substantial grants to investors who are aiming at ensuring that their research makes a breakthrough for sustainable energy in the United States. This has been followed up by several plans by the government to ensure that this agenda is on the right track and people are able to access clean energy for all.

The first move by the government has been to move in and provide technical assistance that will ensure an enabling environment for all energy developers. The USAID and the energy department have been working in collaboration to ensure that enough energy has been acquired by people and as a result, various projects have been instituted to ensure that this is done.

The other thing that the government has been able to do is to participate actively in sustainable energy partnerships throughout the country. The United States is among nations that have been able to actively participate in the formation of alliances that are pushing for clean energy adoption.

In addition to these efforts, the government has also been very active in funding and mobilization of private capital that is driven towards this project. To ensure that this has been done effectively, a call for research into more options when it comes to investment in clean energy.