21 Aug 2012

ultra green efficient home los angelesMany debates have always been centered on how to ensure that equipment used at homes are energy saving and have the capacity to lower the level of global warming. However, nobody has ever bothered to see how homes can be designed in such a way that they reduce the level of energy usage. With application of latest technology, scientists have been able to come up with ways of constructing ultra-efficient homes.

These homes apply state of the art energy saving construction and also incorporate equipment that efficient just to ensure that everything has been put in place to reduce energy usage. Renewable energy systems like solar heaters and electricity have been included in this ultra-modern construction style to help in offsetting the level of energy usage in homes. The design comes with a climate specific description which requires that you be able to seek expert advice before deciding on which model you can be able to settle on.

Some of the improvements that have been made to this home include a passive solar heating and cooling system which greatly lowers the use of electricity on these two basic needs at different times. It is estimated that heating and cooling accounts for almost 50% of electricity that is used in homesteads in the United States.

Energy efficient construction has also been incorporated in this homestead aimed at controlling the level of energy usage that result from poor ventilation or use of material that doesn’t support renewable sources of energy. A solar water heating system has also been incorporated in the building to ensure that no more money has been utilized in the name of large electricity bills which is the case in most homesteads. In order to ensure that this happens, the US department of energy has partnered with contractors to provide you with energy efficient homes construction services while at the same time keeping the cost of doing so low.