25 Aug 2012

cell phone radiation stickerCongressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio submitted a bill that could require the manufacturers of mobile phones to place stickers with the levels of radiation emitted by the devices, reported online in The Verge.

The so-called Cell Phone Right to Know Act, Kucinich , will force the U.S. administration to launch a special scientific research program on the impact of radiation from mobile devices on human health.

The Democrat from Ohio also offers the U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection to review the standards for the specific level of absorption (SAR), or in other words – the amount of energy from radio waves absorbed by the human body during use mobile phone.

In support of its legislative initiative Congressman Dennis Kucinich said that while scientists investigate whether there is a direct link between mobile phone use and the development of cancers, users should have enough information to be able to select a device with at least potentially harmful emissions.

“The scientists have needed decades to say with certainty that smoking causes cancer. Meanwhile wrong perception created by the industry, was that there was no link between smoking and cancer. This was an error which cost many lives” said Kucinich quoted by the online edition of CNET.

The bill will be discussed by a committee of the U.S. Congress before it reaches the House of Representatives or the Senate. Currently, the mobile industry is fighting against such legislation, launched in San Francisco, recalls CNET.

Support from health agencies bill is the first of its kind in the country and launched similar legislative initiatives in other cities and several states, says the publication. In response to the commercial telecommunications industry association CTIA has taken legal action against the government of San Francisco adds CNET.