06 Sep 2012

top cooling tipsThe process of cooling your home during summer can be that costly if it is not taken care of in a proper way. Learning some tips on how to ensure that cooling costs remain lower is important this summer. The first thing that you need to do is ensuring that the filter of your cooler has been kept clean at all times.

Many people have never known that a dusty filter always reduces the flow of air for your conditioner thus making it impossible for it to serve you best. Replacing these filters when it is necessary to do so is also another tip that you can use to save even more energy and it can help you cut up to about 15% of energy usage in your home. If your home has a central cooler, ensuring that its ducts and vents have been properly maintained is another way of ensuring that you are saving on energy.

Inspecting your home for leaks of any kind is also an important step to ensuring efficiency when it comes to cooling in your home. This will ensure that air is not escaping from your living room through unnecessary vents. Natural light in your home is also an important tool that you can used to cool your home but energy from the sun is also a better option to doing this.

Blinds and drapers of your home need to be closed most the time to ensure that you save even more energy in the whole process. Other tips include using fans instead of coolers when you do need that much cooling. Although a fan cannot be a replacement for your air conditioner, they can only assist you in reducing the time that you are using your conditioner because they use less energy. For more information on how to cool your home and reduce energy usage, please contact us.