01 Nov 2012

Do you ever think that you can save a significant amount on electricity bills , if you pay a little attention to its usage in general?  There are many homeowners who constantly receive monthly reminders of the upsurging costs of energy. Many have installed solar panels for the same and many are resorting  to doing extensive research over the web regarding this.

You don’t have to take drastic steps to reduce your electricity bills. You should take the adequate subtle measures to make a big difference. Actually a lot of electricity is spending  towards heating and cooling. So energy consumption reduction is the foremost task to do.

It is best to unplug your gadgets when they are not ON as even in this mode they are consuming power. The older the appliance the more it will consume electricity. In fact it is found that laptops  and LCD are more electricity savers than in comparison to desktop computers.

Even television also consumes a lot so it’s better to have a cathode ray television  than a flat screen one. Also replace the incandescent bulbs in all the rooms with CFL tubes as these compact fluorescents consume about 75 percent less energy than its predecessors.

Sealing all the ducts can also make a marked difference in reducing the electricity consumption. Ducts are normally used to dispense conditioned air all over the house. However in a typical household, a major part is lost in the mid way due to leakage and the air conditioner has to work harder for this sole reason.

As the duct tapes are not very durable it is wise to use sealants to seal the ducts. Also learn to dry the clothes under the light of the sun during the summers instead of using the dryer. As in summers , air conditioned and refrigerator remain ON for long continuous hours.