07 Aug 2012

Many people are getting worried of the high cost of water heating each year and what they can be able to do about. Well, acquiring the new water heater solar that energy star rated can cut expenditures on hot water up to a half of it. The first thing that you need to know about this water heater is that it comes with the capability of using the electric or gas system as a backup. In addition to that, sunshine is free and you can imagine using it to heat water at no extra cost all the time.

This solar heater is star qualified and also cuts carbon emissions that are both harmful to your health and the environment. The solar heater is made up of integrated collectors that heat water contained in dark tanks after which it is stored in the tubes contained in the insulated box for purposes of dispensing.

The solar heater comes in forms of three different circulation patterns that are designed to ensure efficiency in the process of heating. The direct circulation pattern directly circulates water in a heating vessel where it is heated directly by the sun. The system is good in places where there are rare instances of freezing. The closed loop or indirect loop on the other hand makes use of liquids that are non-freezing to transfer heat from the sun to the water that is contained in the tank.

The fluid then goes through a heat exchange system in the storage tank this transferring the heat that it has to water and then goes back to the collectors to get more heat and the process goes on again and again. By investing in this solar heat, it means that you are committing to the use of an environmentally friendly source of energy while at the same time save money. Installation and maintenance of this equipment is free as long as you have made the order. Feel free to contact us in case you have any query.