27 Jul 2012

[custom_frame_left]free-solar-energy[/custom_frame_left] Free electricity, how good does this sound. Well sun, wind, ocean currents give us power, which is not only reusable, but also completely free. Who needs to pay increasingly high bills for electricity, heating and water as we can invest in the construction of solar systems through which we receive the required amount of electricity, for hot water and heating even during winter? In recent years scientific developments for the use of solar energy have been much more successful both in the US and internationally.

A system that allows us to use free electricity from the sun and harness it in order to work in our favor, is huge. The energy the sun gives us is many times more than we actually need and use. In addition, solar energy does not end; it’s free as long as we have Sun and environmentally friendly. Instead of using more and more non-reusable and vanishing energy resources on Earth, we can use solar energy for heating, water heating and producing electricity. In California there are good conditions for the use and the recovery of energy from the sun, as it is sunny on average for the state 300-325 days, which any investments made in the solar system will automatically become money well invested eco-frendly.

Solar systems are currently used for two main reasons. One reason is to heat water, while the second to turn solar energy into electricity. Solar systems that are used to heat water for household consist of a solar collector and hot water tank. The collectors used in solar systems are three main types are: flat panels, collectors with vacuum tubes and vacuum collectors thermo-tubes. At the lower-priced solar systems for hot water thermo-tap installations that feature easy installation and compact design. This type of solar systems operates on the principle of water circulation.

Typical of thermo-tap solar systems is that they do not have long tubes, pumps, and associated device, hence the collector is connected directly to the boiler. The main disadvantage of thermo-tap systems is that the boiler must be located above the solar collector, for instance on the roof of the building, so we have to build a very stable platform where they can deploy. A disadvantage of this type of installations is that it works most efficiently only in the presence of sunshine. Solar pump systems are much more – effective than thermo-tap systems.

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