06 Sep 2012

best steam baths Los Angeles“Give me the power to create high temperature and I will heal all pain” – Hippocrates

Are you trying to reduce the stress of your daily life in Los Angeles CA, are you trying to improve metabolism to overcome the symptoms of colds or flu, to refine the appearance of your skin and keep it young, tight, to relieve pain from exercise or to avoid any pain? -Steam baths will take care of all that.

For thousands of year’s people of different cultures satisfy the thirst of the body and treat various diseases with steam. Even the Romans were known for their rich rituals of steam baths.

In India, housing is not considered as such if it does not provide a bathroom with steam. The Turkish bath has been popularized all around the world, by using it not only different problems and sicknesses are treated, but it is a great attraction for tourists. In Finland, the sauna and steam bath is a way of life.

Undergoing a session in a steam bath can get you as much energy as from sleep. For 10-20 minute session in the steam room is the equivalent of a light walk. Your skin will no longer be so pale and your face be looking as tired. Steam inhalations of high temperature, effectively treat respiratory and are highly recommended for a treatment of common cold, sinus, bronchitis, asthma or other allergies. Furthermore, other than on the immune system, the steam has an effect of detoxification of the entire body.

Heat accelerates the metabolic processes in the body. The steam bath is one of the most effective methods to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body through sweat – because the skin is sometimes called the third kidney. It is estimated that up to 30% of toxins are eliminated through the process for about 30 to 40 minutes in the steam room.

Treatment with steam bath has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. Heart rate increases from 75 beats per minute to 100-150 beats per minute, a session of only about 15-20 minutes. It also, increases blood circulation, but not blood pressure. In addition, the dilated blood vessels allow the blood flow to bring more intensive nutrition, needed for the skin. The effect from the intense and constant cleansing of the skin from the steam is just indescribably amazing.

The high temperature and steam cleans the skin of impurities caused by poor diet or just exposure to the external environment. The results of the skin by maintaining steam are unique. Immediately after a procedure, the skin not only looks fresh and smooth, it is purified and its thirst is quenched. Steam stimulates cellular activity and growth. The parts of the skin that usually suffer from poor circulation, like the skin on the face they benefit the most out of this treatment.

In recent years, steam rooms are also used for treatment of cellulite. Hot steam relaxes body fat, so that it is less rigid, and in procedures with massage, cellulite disappears.