01 Aug 2012

kenmore-70051Selecting an air conditioner for your home at various stores can be such involving than just finding a cheap unit in your home. The risk involved also includes spending too much for an air conditioner that might not offer you the service that you were looking for.  A market survey indicates that size, power, efficiency and ease of installation are some of the factors that many people consider for these kinds of products.

The Kenmore 70051 is one air conditioner that is designed for the purpose of ensuring that homeowners remain comfortable while at the same time lowering their electricity bills. Designed for small rooms, this kind of air conditioner applies a cutting edge technology in ensuring that you are not exposed to so much noise. The best side of this air conditioner is that it is quite economical and saves you more than you can imagine while keeping you warm.

The small Kenmore 70051 has the capacity to cool and is the choice for a small room of about 15 X 10 feet or less. Apart from it costing less as compared to other air conditioners, it exceeds the energy efficiency ratings for energy  star rating making it more efficient in terms of energy saving.

Your energy bills will remain low long after acquiring this air conditioner. It cools the living room more efficiently and quiet that you can hardly notice its presence. Assemble with ease and easier to install, many users will find this kind of air conditioner more convenient for small families.

It has features such as a remote control unit and an energy saving keeper that puts you in control of whatever is happening. There is a wide range of the product in different shapes and colors available for you to sample before selecting one. Feel free to reach us with any question or concerns at United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric.