09 Oct 2012

The solar power is used by the human being when the energy is transferred with the help of the solar cells and these cells are called photovoltaic cells that have been invented a long back.

The first time the solar power was tried for a human requirement by the scientist called A. E. Becquerel and he tried experimenting with the photo voltage current generation. The year was 1839; he did this generation of photo voltage in his father’s laboratory.

The next persons who tried to work with the sun’s power were A.G. Adams and R.E. Day in 1870 and they tested the photovoltaic effect of the solar power on selenium.

The photo voltaic cells became important after that and in 1888 the solar cells was termed for photo voltaic cells and patented by Edward Weston. The technology has been out for a long time but was never given importance for the general public to become aware of.

The satellites started to run with batteries charged from the solar panels and then the general people became conscious of the fact that the solar panels are important and reliable for the smaller gadgets too. The solar power has evolved in a remarkable way.

The technological progress of the photovoltaic cells is more than capable to work with the current devices. They are powering the home and business center with the solar panels connected to these places. The maintenance and the disadvantages are very low and the expense is also low.

The solar power has progressed and the solar thermal technology has become heating alternative for pool owners with low cost for the effect. Solar power is being used in lots of devices starting from calculators to electric shavers and big airplanes too. The solar power ticket distributor collects your parking and there are other things that can be done using solar power that is still trying to expand its field of activity.