13 Sep 2012

solar power teaching jobsSolar energy is turning out to the option for most schools this summer as many of them move in to adopt it. The question is whether this could be the best option to ensuring that teachers have not been laid off in huge state budget cuts. Statistics in Arizona indicate that a school saved about $300,000 in electric energy as a result of installation of solar panels.

The money was used to pay about six full time teachers who work in the institution thus ensuring that they did not lose their jobs. By the end of that summer, most schools had copied what this single school in Arizona had done and installed rooftop photovoltaic panels that are aimed at capturing more from the sun. The most interesting of it all is that some of them will be used to provide the shade that is needed for teachers and students.

So far, more than 500 schools in about 43 states have been able to successfully roll out the solar project and are making huge savings in energy costs. This sudden surge in solar installation in the schools has been as a result of the fall in prices of solar panels, over the past two years.

According to statistics from the energy department, the price of solar panels has been able to go down by a third over the past two years. Solar companies have jumped on the opportunity to sell solar panels to interested schools through a lease program that is flexible and easy to understand. Interested schools have to contact the company where they ensure that they get their preferred solar panels that are paid for slowly until they complete it.

On successful completion of payment, these solar units remain a property of the schools. Teachers are therefore bound not to be sent home by budget cuts since money for the huge electric bills will be used to support them.