28 Aug 2012

solar air planeThe experimental solar plane “Solar Impulse”, landed at the main airport in the Spanish capital Madrid, Barajas on his way from Morocco to Switzerland and set a world record for transcontinental flight performed by aircraft, which is powered by the energy of sunlight was reported by AFP – French Press Agency.

Solar Impulse, was piloted by Bertrand Piccard Swiss aeronaut, who also was the co-pilot of the first balloon to circle the world around non-stop. He flew for 19 hours where he took off on June 5th from Madrid, Spain to where he landed early in the morning in Rabat, Morocco. This journey of “Solar impulse” from Switzerland to Spain and Morocco and back is just a warm-up, for the world tour of an improved version of the aircraft, which is expect in 2014.

Part of this 560 miles journey, between Morocco and Spain was very difficult from a technical standpoint. The aircraft is capable of a speed of 37 Miles/hour and had gusts that have influenced the flight, say the organizer of the trip “Solar Momentum.”

Now the plane will stay in Spain, where it will participate in commercial and official events, and then go back into Switzerland. The plane is made out of carbon fiber; it uses no fuel and is powered by four electric motors with a total output of 10 horsepower each, powered by 12,000 solar cells covering its huge wings. The energy is stored in batteries, allowing it to fly at night. “Solar Impulse” is the size of the airplane Airbus A340 – its length is 208 foot and weighs as much as a mid-size car.

The “Solar Impulse” took off on May, 24 2012 from Payerne, Switzerland and landed on 5 June in Rabat after a stop in Madrid, and then came back on June, 22 2012 in Ouarzazate southern Morocco.