31 Oct 2012

Solar energy is not something new. Experimentations concerning it began with Edmond Becquerel, an eminent French physicist. In the 1839, he found that sunbeams contain a lot of useful energy. He also found that some particular materials conduct electricity when left exposed to the rays of the sun.

This exceptional discovery came to be called the ‘photoelectric effect’. Again the in the year, an engineer from Great Britain created the first photoelectrical cell. This engineer was Willoughby Smith.

Since then, experiments regarding solar power continued. This is not an article solely about the history. Let’s find out how solar energy can work for your home. More precisely, how solar panels are beneficial for your home.

Energy from the sun can be brought to your house by installing solar panels. These panels are equipped with photovoltaic cells. Here is how this amazing energy works.

  • Cells collate energy from the rays of the sun. It is then transformed to direct current or DC electricity.
  • There is an inverter that again transforms the DC current into AC which is alternative current. This transformed power will be converted to the utility firm’s electric grid and you will be credited for it.
  • There will be a bio-directional energy meter that will display the amount of power consumed by your home. When this solar system creates more power than you consume, the meter will move back to display energy consumption in the negative. The meter will be moving forward and in such a case you will have to pay to the utility company.

Regions having warm weather, a home based solar power system will generate considerable amount of electricity. This can be used in your home so that reliance on your utility company is lessened. This will save you a lot of electricity bills. Rather, you will not be required to pay high utility bills at all.