06 Sep 2012

The solution to making your home more comfortable when cooking is by adopting a solar cooker that has many advantages. A solar cooker is the most safe and convenient way of ensuring that you cook without wasting fuel and making your home hot and uncomfortable.

Many families around the world that cook by use of fire or dung will find solar cooking more than just a choice to them because it gives them the most out of sustainable energy usage. The manner in which the solar cooker works is just a first step in ensuring that your health and that of beloved ones is not compromised by sources of energy that might do so.

There are basically three types of solar cookers that you can be able to find with a special design meant to suit the purpose that they are meant for. Depending on their shape, there are box cookers, parabolic cookers and panel cookers that have been designed in a different way to be able to serve you.

Box solar cookers have been made in such a way that they allow for moderate cooking of food and also have the capacity to allow for different pots at the same time. They are the most widespread solar cookers that are in use today. Parabolic cookers on the other hand have the capacity to cook food faster at very high temperatures.

The only disadvantage with these cookers is that they require urgent supervision to ensure their safe operation throughout the process. They are good when it comes to large scale cooking for institutions that do so. Lastly, panel cookers are the other design of solar cookers that have incorporated both the box technology and the parabolic one. They are very simple when it comes to their design and also inexpensive.