31 Aug 2012

solar collectors for hot waterThe use of solar energy to meet the energy goals of humanity has been known since antiquity. Unlike any other natural resource, the sun is the largest and at the same time 100% renewable resource for electricity generation on Earth. Worldwide operations of solar collectors are more popular and efficient. United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric allows you to familiarize yourself with the new modern energy solutions around the face of the solar collectors.

Solar energy is a great application and is often used in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Solar panels use light from the sun to heat as their working principle is efficiency. It depends on the location and placement of the collectors. Sun-warmed water is suitable for swimming pools, domestic hot water and space heating. To be most effective you should direct solar systems to the south or southwest in order to achieve full workload capacity.

Advantages of solar hot water collectors are:

  • highly resistant to natural disasters and weathering, relatively long life
  • light weight and durable construction
  • Produces heat even in cloudy and foggy weather, although with lower values
  • Cheap and easy connection to an existing water system
  • Immediate heat disbursement, after installation
  • Independence, when it comes to raising the prices of electricity
  • System operates without pressure, thus totally safe
  • Easy installation

The investment you will make certainly will be restored, since your costs for electricity will noticeably reduce for heating the water with on average of over 70%, and during the summer months even more. However, it is believed that the sun’s rays in the range of during the months of April to October are the most beneficial for the production of solar energy. With the use of solar collectors which are helping to minimize emissions and use of depleting oil and gas annually.