19 Sep 2012

smart fridgeAt the Consumer technology IFA 2011 the Korean company LG Electronics presented a smart refrigerator that combines “smart green door” with a set of innovative features. Thanks to which, customers can completely change the way they buy and store food, and use the kitchen space.

Key among this refined smart technology is Smart Manager, which transforms the device into a complete system for storing food. Users can use the LCD panel refrigerator or smartphone to check what products are available inside, where they are located and when their expiration date is. With technology Smart Manager users can also determine the periods over which their products are fit for use and be alerted when the term expires.

To keep products fresh in the fridge maximum, Smart Manager offers the ability to control food and provides detailed information on specific fruits and vegetables. The smart fridge even acts as an information center with access to a digital photo album, calendar, notes, and the latest news, just like real pad or monitor, from which users can log into social networks, watch movies or listen to music on YouTube.

By moving icons with images of food on the LCD display on the refrigerator or by using voice detection feature, users can easily find out what foods inventory they have, where it is located and when it will expire.

The function Smart Access gives the users the ability to check on their smartphone, which products are running low, while they are in the store, shopping. In addition, they receive recommendations for recipes that can be filled with products available in the fridge. With Smart Access technology, unpleasant situation in which consumers mistakenly buy things they already have is prevented, thereby discarding less food, while users always have options available for preparing delicious meals.

With a Linear Compressor, LG’s smart fridge offers a smart solution to save energy, while the food remains fresh. The energy saving is made possible by the “Night Saving Mode”, which reduces power consumption by up to four hours at night and “Customize Saving Mode”, which limits energy use by user-defined periods.

LG added to the advantages of your device and the innovative door refrigerator Smart Eco Door – the first system in the world “door in door” – to make configuration more practical and to prevent any loss of energy.