25 Aug 2012

Technology is something that keeps on changing each and every day as people seek to find long lasting solutions to the problem of renewable energy. Researchers have been able to come up with a self-charging power cell that works by converting mechanical energy to chemical energy that is later dispensed as electricity.

One advantage with this kind of system is that it eliminates the need to convert mechanical energy to electric energy that is normally used for the purpose of charging batteries. This system efficiently uses mechanical energy that is later on converted to electricity unlike the need for a battery that must be put in place to ensure efficiency of the cell. The cell uses the piezoelectric membrane that makes use of the lithium ions that are present to generate electric energy in the process. These ions are driven through a membrane that is polarized enough to generate an imbalance that leads to electricity generation.

The cathode in this cell is made up lithium that has been protected well from chemical reactions that are taking placing in the electrolyte. The charging process in this cell is quite simple and can easily be understood. The cathode is oxidized in the process realizing ions that generate electricity due to the current that is flowing in the process.

The packaging process of the cell has greatly been improved to ensure that it doesn’t cause leakage of electric ions. To better understand the whole process, the cell has a manual that accompanies it on purchase. Its efficiency is highly increased and its distribution is being done by a team of certified people who are ready to answer your questions. Adopting this kind of energy source can be a great relief to high electric bills and also a plus to efforts that are being made to conserve the environment.