24 Aug 2012

New technology for sewage purification allows generating enough energy to produce electricity for commercial purposes. This achievement of scientists of the University of Oregon can completely change the idea of treating sewage, reports tech site Engadget.

For several years the team of researchers perfected technology, using new materials, techniques and modified bacteria. Eventually, scientists were able to produce an output of 2 kilowatts per cubic meter of waste. I mean just think about this for a second, this is a whole new look at a renewable energy source.

The new method for the purification of waste water is based on the specific bacteria that oxidize organic matter. In the oxidation process the electrons move is separated between the cathode and anode of the fuel cell, thereby producing electricity.

Once the costs of running the system is restored, the new technology will be able to power the plants and allow them to sell any excess electricity. This is a totally new method to replace the widely used approach to wastewater treatment, called “sludge.” In this method there are also microorganisms used, which consume organic contaminants, however, they perish in the sewers.

Sewage is not the only resource that can be treated by new technology. Researchers from the University of Oregon, say that almost all organic waste can be used for electricity production – for example grass, animal waste and residues from the brewing industry, dairy products and wine, and many more. Just look at where the future is heading and by creating this alternative sources of energy it is amazing what we can achieve. The world is evolving and so are human beings, hence, the reason for the creation of all this amazing new and creative technology that lets us keep the plant green and make our world a better place to live.