31 Jul 2012

What is the role of a Santa Monica Plumber and what are the offered services?

santa-monica-plumbingWhen you talk about a Santa Monica Plumber, what usually comes in to mind is that they are there to repair the broken water pipes or perhaps to fix the clogged drains or toilets. Perhaps it is partially true, but their job is more than fixing the drain or leaky pipes. By definition, they are skilled craftsman that are responsible for making plans of plumbing system, installation and maintenance of pipe works in houses, buildings and even other structures. In spite of the advancements of technology, the Santa Monica plumbers of the early 20th install and repair water supply pipe works. To add to that, they also work on roofs, gutters, sewers and drain. In the present, their roles have evolved in order to meet up with today’s standards especially when dealing with the changes such as water supply and sanitations to encompass the supply of gas and air condition and refrigerators. Because of these changes, a professional plumber needs to be present whenever new structures are constructed because they play in important role with regards to the designs and maintenance of the structures foundation as well as the public work systems.

Aside from the usual plumbing jobs, a Santa Monica Plumber has other roles as well. They also do customer service jobs because anytime, there may be plumbing emergencies that need to be attended, thus they take field calls from probable clients and set a schedule on when to serve them. Sometimes, they are also called courteous workers because whenever they service a certain home, they always make sure that no harm or damage can be done as well as to maintain cleanliness to the client’s home and their properties.

Another important role is to be a consultant. Since they are need to inform their clients on the result of their assessment of plumbing problems being surveyed as well as any critical potential concerns that are encountered. Also, the potential solution and preventive measures are also advised for a reliable and cheaper way in solving these problems. Lastly, a certified plumber also functions as an estimator especially when analyzing a plumbing project. With the knowledge on the items needed for such project, they can determine the cost of the project before it starts.

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