28 Jul 2012

wind-farm-los-angelesToday, wind farms using wind to generate clean, renewable energy and supply many homes and businesses. Together, it is important to pay particular attention to the installation of wind turbines and building wind parks and their future operations, since these are activities with a high degree of risk. Given this fact, the implementation and enforcement of rules and safety standards are paramount. An important role takes place in already existing European practices and regulations.

Wind energy is a key factor in future energy growth for our country, and the reduction of carbon emissions. This is the basic premise that it is considered one of the most promising renewable energy sources. Wind farms use the element of wind to generate useful electricity for consumers. On the other hand, these same elements create numerous hazards for people working there. Risks mostly can be conditional divided into two main groups. On the one hand are the risks that arise during the construction of a wind park, and the risks during the operation. Before beginning any work on the tower, a safety plan should be designed that outlines the overall risks.

One of the dangers and risk in building the wind tower is its height. Producers must secure a ladder placed at some distance from the wall of the turbine to prevent falls and as a rest area for installers. It is compulsory to wear safety belts. Work safety belts should be comfortable, lightweight and have a few anchor points during long workdays. Teams should use hydrating systems that are attached to the belt. It is mandatory to have lightning protection installed for each wind turbine, a special monitoring and control to stop the turbines when they reach critical temperatures of the components.

Problems with the safety requirements can be solved by providing the necessary distance between wind turbines and people. Most often this safe distance is determined using the height of the turbine to reduce the risk of injury or damage in case of the release of ice. Given that wind farms are located in remote areas, where appropriate, in place of rescue teams must have rescue equipment, which can be used quickly and easily. Workers should receive preliminary instruction on safety to gain practical experience.