24 Aug 2012

The current sources of energy and technological advancement that has been put in place at the moment is not enough to ensure that there is a carbon free planet. In addition to that, these sources of energy continue to emit high volumes of carbon that is threatening the well-being of everyone on the planet. There is therefore the need to come up with new technologies that will ensure sustainability while at the same time bringing the current systems on board to ensure maximum efficient energy distribution.

There are many reasons why the world needs to be switching to the new sources of energy. The first one is that despite the availability of these sources of energy, the world is still depending on sources of energy that are traditional thus exposing the globe to more dangers. As a result of this overdependence, the world is likely to witness a situation where these sources of energy are becoming extinct.

The use of energy sources that have low carbon at micro level will ensure that there is effective environmental conservation and global warming will be at a slower rate. There is need therefore for experts to look at energy usage of today and tomorrow from a perspective that encourages saving and conservation. At a lower level, the suppliers of these energies will need to ensure that they supply end users with energy that they can rely on without going back to the past where energy sources are inefficient.

The rate of emission of greenhouse gases is bound to reduce if every household is willing to commit and adopt renewable sources of energy as the most preferred.  The use of gas and oil is also likely to be eliminated if people agreed to these terms and conditions without looking back. The world is set to become a better place if at all people consider renewable sources of energy as a priority to them.