02 Sep 2012

renewable energy policiesThe media has been found to be a bit biased when it comes to the coverage of renewable sources of energy and electricity. In an economic situation that is deteriorating, it is important to note that renewable sources of energy are the only option that is remaining when it comes to sustainable energy.

The increasing cost of electricity is seriously harming the economy and its important to note that people need to be able to obtain more energy from greener sources if they have to remove the burden of energy bills. The nation risk getting to a crisis if at all the dependence on electricity alone as a source of energy is not properly handled. This is to mean that the nation needs to develop a better policy that will ensure that the rate of electricity consumption has been lowered through the use of renewable sources of energy.

This can best be done if the government is able to come up with a better policy that will ensure that renewable sources of energy have been factored in so well. Sources of renewable energy ranging from the use of wind, natural gas and sunlight can be properly managed and an extra megawatt added to the national grid to ensure that there is enough of this in the country.

The question remains on whether this possible and if all stakeholders are ready to embrace the idea. The department of energy holds a very key position in ensuring this has been achieved and as a result of this, the sole responsibility of having a better renewable energy policy is in place. The problem is that many of those who are in the department have not been able to look at what these sources of energy have in store for the country but they are rather struggling to maintain low electricity costs.