11 Apr 2014

Wow technology has certainly come a long way. Insteon, an LED bulb company has another bright idea on its hands with its LED Light Bulbs 8 Watt (60W), the world’s first networked remote control dimmable LED light bulbs.

The name isn’t so awesome, but the product is another story. Instead of an ordinary light bulb, the Insteon LED Light Bulbs has the company’s patented dual-band communication technology. That makes it act as a network signal repeater, sending signals over both radio frequencies (RF) and a home’s existing wires (power line).  Besides dimming, the bulb also offers scene options, so users can have custom lighting at the touch of a button.

“For years, home automation has controlled light fixtures with plug-in lamp modules, wire-in switches and keypads,” said Joe Dada, Insteon’s CEO. “But, until now, no one has controlled the bulb itself. It’s exciting to be the first to introduce a new product to the world”.

The bulb boasts an easy setup, which includes linking it any Insteon controller, such as a handheld remote. Insteon also has a free app, which works with the company’s SmartLinc Hub and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.

The Insteon family includes wall switches, plug-in modules, keypads, thermostats and motion sensors. If you want to add the Insteon LED Bulb into the mix, it can be had now for $29.99.

United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric has started purchasing and carrying these new technologically advanced light bulbs. Our electricians in Los Angeles will recommend and outfit the correct lighting for your smart home. Below are some features of these smart bulbs.


Enhanced with the INSTEON Hub.

For the easiest control solution, pair an INSTEON LED Bulb with the INSTEON Hub. You can use your smartphone to configure multiple Bulbs and even remotely control them directly from your mobile device. And the INSTEON Hub gives you access to useful features like scheduling, too.

Green is in.
Even with all of the advanced INSTEON technology packed into each LED Bulb, LED Bulb manages to use a mere 8W of electricity and LED Bulb for Recessed Lights a paltry 12W. But that doesn’t mean your LED Light Bulbs will be dull – every LED Bulb is as bright as a 60W incandescent light.

INSTEON LED Bulbs can last a long time – so long that you would need over 50 traditional light bulbs to match the lifespan of just one INSTEON LED Bulb. The energy efficient LEDs in each bulb are designed to last up to 52,000 hours. Compare that to just 1,000 hours with a tungsten light bulb.
It’s hard to imagine, but 20% of the average home energy bill is due to lighting. With each INSTEON LED Bulb using only 13% the electricity of a regular incandescent, you can see how the savings can add up. And because INSTEON LED Bulbs put out less heat, you’ll even save energy on cooling, too.

Not all light bulbs are created equal.

When it comes to lighting control, on and off just doesn’t cut it. But the move to energy efficient light bulbs like CFLs and LED bulbs has generally meant that your lights can no longer dim. From the start, INSTEON LED Bulbs were designed for dimming*. In fact, you can fully brighten and dim INSTEON LED Bulbs from any INSTEON Wall Switch, Keypad, wireless Mini Remote or even your smartphone when used with the INSTEON Hub.

Article by Los Angeles Electrician