05 Aug 2012

Good conservation habits with your air conditioner can really help reduce the level of electricity but it’s upon you to decide. Deciding when to use your unit especially when temperatures are about 78 degrees F can be a good starting point into saving e

nergy. You can also decide to close all the windows and have the drapes drawn for purposes of keeping the heat away from the room. During night time, you can also ensure that are windows are open so as to let in that air that is cool while the conditioner is off.

A heat pump can also be a better alternative to controlling your living room temperatures instead of an air conditioner. When it is put in its cooling mode, the air to air heat pump works like a normal air conditioner. The advantage of this heat pump unlike the air conditioner, it can be able to reverse whenever the weather changes and thereafter absorb the heat.

Fans have also been suggested as a better way of keeping monthly electricity bills as low as possible. Although fans do not have the capacity to replace air conditioners, they can be able to provide the supplementary cooling that you need in your living room at a cost that is lower. They are very convenient especially on mild summer days where you have to cool the living room in few hours.

The other option is to purchase an evaporative swamp which is cheaper than an air conditioner but operates on energy that is lower. The only disadvantage that comes with an evaporative cooler is the fact that they need a lot of water in order for them to function properly.  These are some of the few habits that you can be able to incorporate in your household to ensure that you stay comfortable in summer but at a lower cost.