27 Jul 2012

[custom_frame_left]tehachapi-wildfire[/custom_frame_left] The recent news about the tragic event in which lightning caused the brushes to get ignited near Tehachapi that gave rise to a big fire. According to the facts proposed by the different people that witnessed this calamity, one thing that appears to be very prominent is that fire had caused the burning of many outbuildings. However, to one’s surprise, the fire could not bring enough damage to the structure of the buildings as was revealed by Kern County Sheriff’s office.

Under the light of the facts, the fire was started at 6 pm on Wednesday. Moreover, to the problems of the people, the spot fires had also been initiated in Temecula and Perris while, the situation was aggravated in reality when the power lines were knocked down. This was something happened due to storm incident in the Lake Elsinore. One of the most painful things associated with the storm was the fact pertaining to the falling of the electric pole on the RTA shuttle bus that was carrying many passengers.

This was not the end as the passengers in the bus were actually trapped within the bus that had developed a contact with the live wires of the pole. It was mainly because of the Edison Crews that were brave enough to cut off the power and saved the lives of the various people that had become extremely vulnerable a few minutes ago. On the other hand, in Palmdale some people reported to had encountered with the thunderstorms and spot fires. Similarly, in southern Kern County, the 1300 acre wildfire had caused the evacuation of 200 rural homes while the fire fighters had to work very hard in controlling the fire. People also used to talk about heat wave that had been successful in making the people realize its presence because people living near Los Angeles were coping with very high temperatures.

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