05 Oct 2012

There are large numbers of countries in the world that are increasingly depending on solar power as the source of energy. This is mainly because of the fact that the sources of conventional energy are non renewable in nature like coal, oil or natural gas, while at the same time, these sources of power are also responsible for causing great pollution in the environment.

Therefore, it is best to resort to a source of power that can not only be renewed time and again, but can also create lesser impact on the environment. This is the reason for which the power driven from the sun is largely considered to be utilitarian.

Now the question that often arises is that since the huge benefits of solar power was already known, why wasn’t this is the dependable source of energy few years back? Well, there are of course lots of solutions that can be given in response to this question.

First of all, the capital investment required for the harnessing of solar power was huge due to which no one could think of adapting to this source of power. Secondly, technical inventions had not been so progressive that could help in easy harnessing the power from the rays of the sun.

Currently, with the tremendous progression of technology, it is absolutely easy to harness solar power with the use of different equipment. Moreover, the absence of sun at night or during cloudy days is also not a problem, because the solar panels can be installed for storing the rays of the sun. This in energy can be utilized later when the rays of the sun are no longer present. Last but not the least factor is that the crisis of non renewable source of energy was never so high or was expected to be in such crisis as is today.