18 Oct 2012

It is very essential to remember that in the recent days, solar power can be used not only for commercial purposes, but also for residential purposes. In order to harness this source of energy from the sun, photo voltaic installations are required, and these installations are one of the major means through which solar energy can be utilized.

This is the reason for which in the recent days, the numbers of installations for PV Units have increased to a great extent, and they are found in the roofs of large numbers of commercial and residential buildings.

There are large numbers of service providers in the recent days that supply the solar power to different homes and offices. Therefore, if you are interested in switching on to this renewable source of power, you can consult with a service provider.

Accordingly, you can be assured that you will only have to pay little for this renewable source of energy. There are several service providers that offer special discounts on the availability of this source of power. The incentives that are being offered are quite attractive, which in turn, can prove to be a wonderful source of investment.

It is the PV system that is mainly responsible for the supply of solar power, and this solar power is derived from the grid that is connected with the PV system. Since the solar energy is abundant, the excess energy harnessed is stored in the grid. Consequently, during the night, or during the cloudy days, when the sun’s rays are not enough string, this stored energy can be utilized for supply.

There is absolutely no requirement of any batteries, but these batteries can be used to store the energy to give power at night. Therefore, you can be assured that if you go for this form of power, you will surely be benefited.