18 Aug 2012

Renewable sources of energy – potential and developmental opportunities

los-angeles-solar-powerWe as professional electricians in Los Angeles agree that the worldwide demand for electricity is growing rapidly, while limitations in traditional production from fossil fuels are becoming more and more strict. The transition to sustainable production of electricity using a significant amount of renewable energy is already in full swing, but the consequences for the electrical system, infrastructure and services are not yet fully explored. Expected is within the next decade, for a change to come and the point of view towards the energy resources associated with the management of various forms of renewable energy, to be distributed mainly within the nature.

In Los Angeles CA and around the world the main goal of modern energy is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions throughout the production chain of electricity, throughout the all the end users.

Three anchor points in the chain to which the technology and future prospects, allowing the achievement of low levels of carbon dioxide. They are formulated summarized as follows: 1) Production by minimizing the release of carbon dioxide covering the use of renewables and low carbon alternatives to fossil fuels, 2) Low carbon electricity networks: transmission and distribution networks of the new generation of intelligent and rational organization and ensure quality of supply consistent with the needs of consumers, 3) low-carbon electricity consumption.

Environmental, low-carbon electricity production focuses on renewable energy sources like wind, solar energy – photovoltaic (PV), systems for parks and concentrating solar power (CSP); hydro-energy facilities, including development and enforcement of new technologies for energy recovery of ocean, combined heat and power (CHP) and fuel cells.

Studies developed by scientists we will examine in detail the achievements for each of these production technologies and their potential development opportunities in the near future. Regardless, of the amount of conventional generating units, replaced by the wind must be kept as an adequate supply of conventional energy to ensure energy security.