02 Oct 2012

Americans have found natural gas to be a more affordable source of heat energy as compared to oil. Statistics indicate that an average American home only pays around $732 to heat their homes with gas energy every winter season. This is relatively much cheaper as compared to what oil has to offer to the same consumer. It is estimated that about $2,535 will be used for during the same period of time if oil was to be put to use.

Although prices of oil are set to remain high in future, it is estimated that the price of natural gas that is derived domestically is set to increase or keep on fluctuating in most cases. The US has a glut for natural gas at the moment because of the increasing demand of the commodity. The government has been pushing for more investment into the gas energy sector but this has not been able to take of very well because of various hitches.

The government’s tax credit that was aimed at ensuring that people switch to energy efficient tax furnace expired some time back and people had not even complied with this. This was due to the fact that the government realized the need for tax credits that will favor energy efficient practices and make people utilize environmental friendly sources of energy that is available.

Gas furnaces tend to be a bit cheaper as compared to oil furnaces that are in use in most parts of the country and people have to access this information in order to make a wise decision. Environmentally, gas has been found to have lower carbon levels as compared to oil and this makes it the most preferred efficient energy source compared to oil. The main objective is to keep the environment clean and gas heating is the number one option that Americans have.