21 Sep 2012

An early research shows that offshore winds could be able to generate enough electricity that could power every home in United States by the year 2020. The next decade is going to be crucial in terms of energy demands and people should be ready to see a change in the way things are happening all over. The department of energy carried out a study with over 500000 wind turbines across the United States and their building along the coast by the year 2020 could see the United States with more energy than ever before.

This has the capacity to generate over 25GW of power which is equivalent to 25 large coal powered stations in the United States. This even goes a step further in assisting the nation to overcome the issue of high levels of carbon emissions in the country and the marine life will also not be affected in any way.

Although there is no guarantee that these projects will be able to go on, a feasibility study has already indicated that they are bound to benefit the nation in so many ways. The believe that cracking the project will be able to assist the nation deal with the problem of energy emissions is the best way to push the project forward.

The government has been urged to ensure that they make more offshore energy sites available for developers since it has more benefits that is yet to be witnessed in the United States. This project has the capacity to cut about 14% of carbon emissions in the United States and also create about 700,000 jobs that were not there before.

The good news are that it has the capacity to ensure that both domestic and export markets have been supplied with sufficient energy which is a major problem at the moment in United States.