Human activity is invariably associated with the waste. However, the desire to reduce waste increased recently, driven by economic interests and strict environmental constraints. One of the paradoxes of our times consists in the fact that with increasing wealth, despite technological advances, the amount of waste per capita is increasing steadily. Transport and storage of […]

The first of its kind, supplied by a biomass cogeneration system of a new generation will start next year, thanks to a partnership between Nexterra, General Electric and the University of British Columbia (UBC). Bioenergy demonstration and research project will cover about 6% of total annual consumption of electricity and more than 25% of heat […]

Many people are getting worried of the high cost of water heating each year and what they can be able to do about. Well, acquiring the new water heater solar that energy star rated can cut expenditures on hot water up to a half of it. The first thing that you need to know about […]

Whenever you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen sink, then think outside the box to avoid being so obvious. The latest vessel sink that is mountable is the new option that you have if you want to stand out as being so unique. The vessel sinks come in a wide variety such as glass, stainless […]

Energy star water heat pumps have been found to be efficient enough to save any given family about $300 every year. Compared to the standard water heater, this kind of system can lower electricity bills that might be becoming a burden to you. This quality product has been found to be revolutionizing the way in […]

Good conservation habits with your air conditioner can really help reduce the level of electricity but it’s upon you to decide. Deciding when to use your unit especially when temperatures are about 78 degrees F can be a good starting point into saving e nergy. You can also decide to close all the windows and […]

Statistics indicate that many homesteads are using water heaters that add up the cost of their energy bills each and every time. Getting yourself an energy star rated water heater can go as far as saving you over $100 each year. This means that the water heater will be able to save you over $1000 […]

Well known that air conditioners do a lot than just cooling the air around your living room. It creates a new condition for the air by removing the dirt and dust in it after it goes through the field. Humidity in the air is also lowered by the conditioner so as to make the air […]