The time when the term “reducer for wind turbine” is associated with the “incident” stuck in the past. Before these transformers speed shall be secured with not so reliable materials, and this resulted in damage. However, having invented a reliable metal-ceramic coatings designed to stabilize the tooth profiles of gear units and thus to avoid […]

United Los Angeles electricians state that the future of energy is the use of fusion energy for the future increasingly will be talking about it. Quite simple, the process is described as a merger of two atoms and obtains a new, heavier atom. Obviously, this energy source can be stored for millennia without removing harmful byproducts […]

Every homeowner is concerned on how best he or she can maintain a comfortable living room with air conditioners that are more efficient and energy conserving. This is to mean that selecting an appropriate air conditioner for most homeowners is a critical decision. We at United as professional Los Angeles electricians and air conditioning specialist […]

In the search for alternative “green” sources of electricity occurred unexpected twists. Found that infusion of the rivers in the sea lays a huge energy potential. It can be used for environmentally friendly production of electricity through osmosis. Here’s how it works in practice. Thoughts of energy from renewable sources we regularly turn to solar […]

The concern of many homeowners in the United States is how they can be able to heat up large volumes of water while keeping the energy levels as down as possible. The Geospring water heater is has the capacity to heat up to about 50 gallons of water at once while saving you a lot […]

A convenient water heater can be able to save you a lot of energy if you follow the right procedure whenever you are buying one. There are so many factors that need to be considered whenever purchasing a water heater so that you don’t end up landing on one that will keep your electricity bills […]

Air conditioning is becoming a burden to most homeowners because of the burden that they have to bear with lots of energy used in the process. Finding an air conditioner that does not consume a lot of heat from your home can prove to be an uphill task if at all you do not have […]

It seems that the issue of clean and green energy is becoming more relevant every day. More products, vehicles, technology, homes and even cities are added to this growing field of alternative energy sources, ecological lifestyle and sustainable urbanism. As a shining example we can mention here the German city of Hamburg with its innovative […]