A huge step towards creating an artificial heart   U.S. scientists announced that the methods of bioengineering created jellyfish, which can swim. It is made from a mixture of silicon and cells from rat heart. While it is not a living organism, the muscular structure of this robot very much resembles that of true jellyfish. Experts […]

Many homes in the United States especially Los Angeles CA are finding it difficult to cope with high electric bills that are brought to them each and every day. It is estimated that after heating and cooling, water heating remains the third largest energy usage in the United States. This is because it is necessary […]

Technology is something that keeps on changing each and every day as people seek to find long lasting solutions to the problem of renewable energy. Researchers have been able to come up with a self-charging power cell that works by converting mechanical energy to chemical energy that is later dispensed as electricity. One advantage with […]

New technology for sewage purification allows generating enough energy to produce electricity for commercial purposes. This achievement of scientists of the University of Oregon can completely change the idea of treating sewage, reports tech site Engadget. For several years the team of researchers perfected technology, using new materials, techniques and modified bacteria. Eventually, scientists were […]

The current sources of energy and technological advancement that has been put in place at the moment is not enough to ensure that there is a carbon free planet. In addition to that, these sources of energy continue to emit high volumes of carbon that is threatening the well-being of everyone on the planet. There […]

You may not know, but in addition to cars and robots, Honda develops and sells quite a range of lawnmowers. Honda’s newest product is called Miimo, which brings all the categories together. The mower will be sold in two models – Miimo 300 and Miimo 500. The difference between them is in the space, which […]

Energy experts have argued that as a result of civilization, there will be need for a research into alternative sources of energy. This is because the current rate at which fossil energy is being used will result into a crisis that will necessitate change that is effective. Since this is a crisis that is looming, […]