The solar technology market has been taking long to be adopted in the energy market despite all advantages that it has to offer. Researchers at the RTI International have been able to come up with new technologies that might make the market more attractive to consumers. Designers have developed a solar cell that is formed […]

Research shows that Americans and especially the ones living in Los Angeles CA have ignored the whole debate of energy conservation for nearly two decades now.  They have taken for granted instantaneous and reasonably priced energy for about two generations at the moment.  They are mostly used to the notion that you need to turn […]

Few green materials can be ascertained to have been manufactured fully from materials that were recycled. Recycled tiles are different because they have wholly been manufactured from materials that were recycled. Recycled glass tiles are exactly what they claim to be unlike other products in the market. The need to conserve our environment and energy […]

Installing and insulating your home is one of the key things that you need to do in order to ensure that you save more energy and costs of heating. Proper insulation is the key to ensuring that your home is comfortable, quiet and also energy efficient. The huge reduction in energy usage that goes hand […]

The quest for renewable sources of energy is gaining momentum and as a result of this, wind energy has not been left behind. Wind farms in Los Angeles California have broken a world record by providing over four gigawatts of energy that was fed to the national grid. This energy is enough to heat more […]

Electric cars need to be supported by the “smart” energy grids to help solve the climate problems of the world, environmentalists warned on Monday. Charging them with energy, generated from coal, could lead to higher emissions than comparable conventional vehicles. The EU was able to slash the relation between rising carbon emissions and economic growth, […]

At the Consumer technology IFA 2011 the Korean company LG Electronics presented a smart refrigerator that combines “smart green door” with a set of innovative features. Thanks to which, customers can completely change the way they buy and store food, and use the kitchen space. Key among this refined smart technology is Smart Manager, which […]

Innovations in the field of energy have come at a time when we need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. This is due to the fact that we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels because of the emissions that arise as a result of their usage. Global warming and other severe consequences […]