Americans have found natural gas to be a more affordable source of heat energy as compared to oil. Statistics indicate that an average American home only pays around $732 to heat their homes with gas energy every winter season. This is relatively much cheaper as compared to what oil has to offer to the same […]

Efficient air conditioning is something that everyone is getting interested in nowadays because of the advocacy for green lifestyles. It is important homeowners learn to adjust to the local climate of a place and not rely on devices that are mainly powered by electricity. This is the greenest decision that many homeowners can be able […]

Many people look at algae and see it to be a plant that has no any value to human beings and as a result of this; they tend to ignore the plant. There are several benefits that this plant can be able to offer to human beings. A new technology has been able to discover […]

Solar development is at its advanced stage and people are wondering what might be the next move in the way it’s put to use. Great news is that solar generation has been able to overcome wind power in terms of its capacity to power most homes in the United States. This is the only time […]

All houses in cold places are probably equipped with a furnace or a heater to alleviate the feeling of coldness during winter season or autumn season. But a furnace cannot adequately supply the entire house with heat especially when its interior is a closed type design. It could be that the living room where the […]

Research has indicated that there is enough wind that can be able to cover for the global energy demands that are being experienced at the moment. Turbines that have been installed in many parts of the country could even generate more if they are installed in a proper way. Research used both surface and atmospheric […]

Researchers have been able to make thermoelectric material which is key in the process of converting waste heat to electricity. This could signify that there is a paradigm shift in the way things have been done for a while as inefficiency in energy usage is being faced out. The current thermoelectric materials have been found […]