08 May 2014

Our technician reviewed the new Nest smoke detector, launched on Oct. 8 2013. For $129 each unit, you’d expect a pair of these alarms to make you a cup of coffee while protecting your family. Well, they don’t, and you can find other wireless, networked combination smoke-and-carbon-monoxide detectors on the market for as little less. To set itself apart, the Nest Protect solves a few problems you might not realize you have with your current detectors. Here a local electrician in Los Angeles reviews the latest in smoke detector technology.

When an alarm first sounds, Nest projects a human recorded voice to tell you that smoke or carbon monoxide may be gathering. If you have more than one Nest Protect on your network, the alarm repeats anywhere in the house with a connected Nest Protect identifying the nature of the emergency and its location. Both wired (with backup battery) and battery-powered versions run when the power and Wi-Fi go out, so they’ll continue to communicate over a proprietary mesh network. The Nest Protect’s voice sounds pleasant but firm — like the announcer on a Virgin America preflight safety video.

One of the Nest Protect’s charms is the ability to wave to silence the alarm when something small like a burnt toaster pancake sets it off. While Nest says that small children and pets cannot hush the alarm, I was able to silence the alarm with a pleasant but persistent wave. It’s a good thing that you have to work to silence the Nest Protect because you want to be certain an area is safe before calling off the hounds, so to speak. I did notice that while the Nest Protect can work at recommended heights on both walls and on the ceiling, the ability to silence by waving works much better when the Nest Protect is mounted on the ceiling.

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