28 Jul 2012

inovative-electrical-polesWhen we talk about poles for high voltage transmission lines, it would be with struggle that we connect them with aesthetics. You would find it almost impossible for a man to say that looks good. With combined effort, however, this picture may change. The electrical pole is basically unchanged for years, but the metal construction of it could have unusual shape.
A race between many countries was innate of uniqueness of electrical poles. This race is designed not only for practical but also for aesthetic purposes.
Three years ago, with dozens of projects for the design of electric poles, Iceland brought an example to the whole world that they can look amazingly unique – as sculptural masterpiece, or to become one with the landscape through a discreet presence. Individual electrical pole lines have figures of man and a woman; these pillars arouse interest among the people and gave a new impact on the landscape. We discuss some of the most interesting projects with such hope more of them to be implemented in more places around the world.
In Iceland, all the high-voltage electrical transmission lines are operated by a company called Landsnet. In 2008, the company cooperatively with the Association of Icelandic Architects announces, an international competition to design the building blocks for electrical transmission lines for high-voltage. Even though, it has been a long time since then, the unique results of the contest will long continue to raise interest among professionals and the public. The event has become an unparalleled platform for 98 unique conceptual projects from 23 different countries. The organizers and participants have made great efforts to achieve a high level of aesthetics and mostly harmonious environment in the design of lampposts. Organizers explain that both the number and quality of the proposals go far beyond preliminary expectations.
The conventional designs of electrical posts for high-voltage transmission lines, for a while have been with us as part of the modern landscape and settlements, and the nature. Because of its intrusive form these giant steel bars have never been rated, but are accepted as a necessary evil. This reputation of electrical posts can be deleted only if we take the example of new methods of design with high aesthetic and environmental level. In modern European cities, the environment and most people deserve a change in the type of wiring infrastructure. Therefore, why not use some of these ideas that are presented?