02 Aug 2012

eco cityStrategy for development of Cyprus in 2020 aims to create a Smart Eco Island as a center of knowledge of a new society with effective management, modern industrial, energy and environmental technologies, high-quality tourism, intelligent financial and maritime services, progressive logistics, health world-class innovative research, education, creative activity and green lifestyle. By creating this idealistic picture, the work is already in place for the project for smart Eco-town of Neapolis. It will have all the features of a sustainable urban environment – intelligent control systems and digitize as many aspects of life, provide energy from renewable sources and environmental management at the highest level.

The investment opportunities are many, but some of them draw the future. The strategy for development of the European Union by the year 2020, it is stressed that Europe must play a significant role globally to create a smarter, greener planet in the future. That is the purpose of i-Cyprus Strategy 2020, which plans to make Cyprus a unique for Europe, Smart Eco Island. Part of the strategy is a project for Eco Smart City Neapolis, for which its makers, claim it is the first of its kind on the continent and called it Neapolis (New City). Within the strategy “Intelligent Europe,” Neapolis Eco Smart City started as a project to create a genuine sustainable community. The New City presents strategic plan for achieving intelligent and green planet with the best achievements in technology for intelligent guards (Information and Communication Technologies, ICT). Use a comprehensive approach with three major determinants – intelligence, integration and innovation.

With this project, Neapolis, Cyprus will emerge as a suitable place for living, business, travel and recreation throughout the year and then in an exciting, high tech and environmentally friendly way. At least that is what the creators of Neapolis Smart Eco-City and i-Cyprus are saying, and we expect results that only time will show. Even if not everything goes by the initial plans, because changes in the course of implementation of each project are possible, the main structure will remain in achieving intelligently managed infrastructure, extensive lawns, use of large percentage of renewable energy, recycling resources and the friendly environment – are things that the smart Eco-city seeks.