05 Sep 2012

modern bathroom sink los angelesOne of the most important elements in the modern bathroom is the sink, because of that one should spend the time of choosing a sink carefully. Besides the bathroom sink being, functional and comfortable, also you need to take into account many other factors that allow your chosen bathroom sink to fit perfectly in the interior of the bathroom. The size of the bathroom sink is one of the key parameters. Width can range, therefore, you need to measure where you plan to put the sink in the bathroom. One should also take into consideration, of leaving enough space in front of the sink, so the person using it has enough space.

Bathroom sinks are manufactured with holes or without faucet holes, so you need to pre-determine where the nozzle will be mounted – on the wall above the sink or will it be installed on the sink itself. The best option in our opinion is to choose a faucet attached bathroom sink itself. In this case you are looking for a complete bathroom sink with the faucet. This also allows the store to obtain their consistency in design and comfort.

Modern manufacturers of bathroom sinks offer a wide variety of designs and shapes produced in various materials. Here are some of the following types.

Hanging bathroom sink

It is fastened to the wall with brackets and screws. The mixer can be positioned as the wall itself and the bathroom sink. The disadvantage of this type of bathroom sinks is that it shows all or most of the plumbing and drain. They can be hidden by placing a small cabinet under the sink for the bathroom, which can store various accessories.

Bathroom Sinks on a Stand

These sinks are attached, just like the hanging sinks, however the kit includes a stand, which serves the purpose to further support and hide the plumbing and drain. The stand can be separate or part of a colossal bathroom sink. Stands for this type of bathroom sinks are manufactured with a fixed height of, which is good to take into account when selecting a bathroom sink.

Built in Bathroom sink

These bathroom sinks are built into the wall itself. In the kit, when you purchase it, there can be included light, mirror, drawers and etc. The advantage of these bathroom sinks are their good design, lack of attachment to the wall and the ability to hide the plumbing.